MD Creations Ltd Owner Dirk Vissers’ careful research into sustainable building has lead him to a revolutionary and very high quality solution for foundations. MD Creations Ltd is now a certified distributor and installer of Krinner Ground Screws.

Krinner Ground Screws are a revolutionary, environmentally friendly foundation system, replacing any kind of concrete footings, helical piers and chance anchors. The galvanized, fully welded steel screws are quickly and securely screwed into all soil types and into solid rock and asphalt.

Traditional concrete foundations require digging, rebar, forms and concrete. Concrete foundations also require wait times before loads can be applied and uncertainty as to tensile strength, as much depends upon the concrete mix supplied.

With Krinner Ground Screws, there is no digging. Load bearing can be immediate and there is certainty as to the very high quality of the Krinner Screws. The screws are also removable for more portable projects.

There is no digging, refilling, soil transportation, or use of concrete. The screws work like wood screws by using the earth’s compaction to embed into the ground. There is minimal ground disturbance. This makes them the choice for hard to access areas, and environmentally sensitive land.

Perhaps one of the most unique features of the screws is that they are removable and reusable, with very little impact in both installation and removing of the screw.

The worldwide applications of Krinner Ground Screws have proven that this cost-effective, environmentally sound product’s time has come. Applications of these foundation ground screws include:

  • Timber Frame Construction
  • Advertising and Transport Signs
  • Urban and Garden Landscape Construction
  • Shed and Container Construction
  • Fences
  • Photovoltaic Installations
  • Fastening Solutions

Engineered with both structural and geotechnical engineers for all applications available. Statically tested for pressure, extraction and lateral strain according to strict regulations.

  • Foundations provided in minutes
  • No installation waiting time
  • Can be subjected to loads immediately
  • Maintenance-free
  • Installation under all weather conditions
  • Minimum personnel requirements
  • Cost comparable to conventional foundations but can be much faster in the way of time (time=money)
  • No digging, no concrete
  • Robust and stable due to soil compression
  • Precise positioning
  • Flooring applications
  • Exact adjustable
  • Storm resistant


Environmental Aspects

  • No compression of large areas
  • Terrain remains undamaged
  • No interference to soil in the surrounding area
  • Long service life
  • Easy removal
  • Reusable

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